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For the Love of it

This morning I awake and I am thinking about love. There seems to be so little of it in the world any more. I wonder about love and how do we know we are ready to give or receive in … Continue reading

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Monsters that bite

    I awake this morning with a sense of dread.  I wonder what the day will bring.  Of course I lie in this quiet space and give my thanks for this moment of peace.   It seems every day brings … Continue reading

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Things that go bump in the night

I wake up this morn and I am tired.  I wonder why as I retired the night before at a decent hour. I am not only tired I am irritable.  I am usually an early riser but this morn I … Continue reading

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The long fingers

  If I outlive my parents, I will become an orphan.  I wake this morning thinking about death.  Not so much mine or that of my parents but death in general.  I wonder if it still scares me like it … Continue reading

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Ties that bind

In these recent weeks I have had my moments of despair and great grief.  At times it just washed over me out of the blue.  I feel the anger welling up in me and try to find constructive ways to … Continue reading

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Pain of birth

  On May 7 I wrote an article titled Wringing the cloth of blood.  Little did i know it would be foreshadowing another death of another black man at the hands of police.  George Floyd would be brutally murdered in Minnesota just … Continue reading

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wringing the cloth of blood

I wake this morning with a memory that still haunts my heart.  It was 30 years ago when my young brother was jogging in Wilmington, NC. My uncle had allowed him to jog the short distance home after a drive … Continue reading

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Oh the shame

What in the world has happened to us? Yesterday I read of an incident on an airline of a man punching a seat of a woman sitting in front of him who had reclined her seat. He was apparently sitting … Continue reading

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tradition tradition

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Creeping in the night

Yesterday I saw a 13 year old kid hanging out on a local street corner in the late evening. I wondered why he was there and not at home playing some video game or just sitting in front of the … Continue reading

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