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On Life

I am trying to wrap my head around divorce. Never in a million years did I expect to be going thru one yet here I am. In this new era, there are books on cooperative divorce, creative divorce, mediation. I … Continue reading

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the more things stay the same

When I was 5 I asked my daddy for a pair of roller skates. I had seen the big roller skating rink in our town and I had seen the boys and girls who went there every Saturday. I had … Continue reading

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A time of change

It is early and my dad has called me for pain medication.  I am awake now and pondering life and how damn hard it can be.  I head to the kitchen to pour myself a cup of coffee knowing sleep … Continue reading

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No I am not selfish

Recently I read an obituary of a well known woman.  As obits go, her many achievements were shared as well as personal family related history.  Her many friends expressed their grief and sadness at the loss.  I read on and … Continue reading

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looking in the wrong place

We all want it and many of us spend our entire lives looking for it.  Happiness, the elusive entity that tells us we are all good on the inside.  We are in love with life and life is in love … Continue reading

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On learning and loving

2 days ago a dear friend’s mother died.  I had marveled at how close the two of them had been and watched as he cared for her in the most tender of ways.  She had undergone a mastectomy 2 years … Continue reading

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