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Creeping in the night

Yesterday I saw a 13 year old kid hanging out on a local street corner in the late evening. I wondered why he was there and not at home playing some video game or just sitting in front of the … Continue reading

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the more things stay the same

When I was 5 I asked my daddy for a pair of roller skates. I had seen the big roller skating rink in our town and I had seen the boys and girls who went there every Saturday. I had … Continue reading

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Love and Respect

It is early morn and once again I am awake.  This morning I sit contemplating something a friend recently told me: that all men hate their wives.  Apparently this information was given to him by a trusted therapist. Personally, I … Continue reading

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Divide and conquer part 2

Yesterday my post Divide and Conquer discussed aspects of racism in our society. After more thought I realized I was not finished. As parents and concerned adults, how do we go about teaching our children how to survive in the … Continue reading

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