Dear America

Dear America,

Wtf has happened to you?  I thought I knew you but apparently I was mistaken.  I have always known you had your share of problems and I like many others was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.  I knew there were pockets of some of your people who through lack of education, poor self esteem or just plain smug superiority never really gave a rats ass about you, the earth or their fellow humans.  However, they were the minority.  They were irrelevant and could be ignored.  From the time of my birth I watched as you traveled your journey.  I grew and learned how you were formed, how the brave left Great Britain to make a new way of life in unchartered and uninhabited territory.  I learned how your hero Christopher Columbus first discovered America.  You and i both know that America had already been discovered, by the Indians.  Apparently a civilization that had it going on and perfectly content in their way of life until the superior ones felt these savages were just that, savages.  Not to mention the disease they bought with them introducing germs that the native population had no way of resisting. However, they were savages and got in the way of the story of discovery.

Throughout time, changes were made and progress was had but you needed a lot of work done.  It is hard to develop a country as big as you without cheap labor: enter the slaves.  Now you know it was not too nice to rip others from their homeland, bring them to your place, treat them like shit and expect them to work for nothing and beat them on top of all of that.  That was not nice.  But you needed the work to be done and apparently those of British ancestry were too refined to dirty themselves so what would be wrong than getting other savages, strong black savages to do the work.  Afterall who was going to have time to sit on that porch drinking mint juleps with all of that work to be done? That history is too long to go into here at this time but once again, you saw what you did and to this day you refuse to accept the responsiblity.

You were big and when you waved that red, white and blue flag people noticed.  Others respected you too.  Many were proud to go and die for you under what was called patriotism.  I sometimes wondered if patriotism was some sort of brain washing but I guess when people get in a groupthink mindset, it is sort of easy to jump on the rah rah bandwagon.  No doubt, you did help to put an end to the evil in the world.  You led the rally when it came to dealing with Hitler in WW2 and along with your allies saved the lives of many.  You had military might and for the most part you handled it responsibly. There were glitches due to those with that rah rah mindset.  You were responsible for using fat man and little boy and making a torturous hell for the lives of many and you probably remember what happened with your rogue military bandits when they pillaged the village of Me Lei raping and killing.  Ahh Vietnam, when a large percentage of those fighting had no idea what they were fighting for. At 18 years of age, most have no idea about the wily ways of the world and think they can single handedly join a war to kick some ass.   I won’t go into all of your horrendous misdeeds under the name of patirotism here, you know what they are.

You really do have a beautiful planet in which to call home but lately you have become hellbent on destruction.  I have noticed your disregard when oil slicks cover the once beautiful waters.  You pretend to care but then it happens again.  Common sense would tell anyone that oil refineries are a problem.  When your skies turn grey and your people can barely breathe, do you still fly that flag with pride?  Do you see how many are homeless on your streets, how many have no health care?  Do you understand that education is the first step towards a healthy population?  What about that race thing, why do some of your people divide themselves based on skin color?  Do they not understand when the shit hits the fan, they will need each other?  However your flag waves on.  Your people divide and hurt but yet quote the bible and declare themselves to be Christians.  You declare yourself to be a Christian country and display hostility towards anyone not adhering to your so called Christian belief.  What is that belief?  Do you think if there is such a thing as the pearly gates that God is going to let those in with such hate and division in their heart?  Is not your God the one who spoke of judging others?

America you say you are a compassionate nation and you usually have been. You have led the world in humanitarian acitivities and stood for others to fight for what was just. There was great pride in being American.  The Statue of Liberty who holds the lantern with inscription “give me your tired and your poor” has been raped.  She is no longer able to stand up straight and if she were not made of metal would crumble under all of those rags into tears.  She would call you an embarrassment.  She would ask you how dare you turn away those fleeing tyranny and violence?  How dare you go against all that I stand for?  No doubt Statue of Liberty did not know about Isis or terrorism as it stands now but are you to keep others away from freedom because you fear a few?  What of your own home grown terrorist? You know you make them too.

I write this to you not out of hate or anger but out of sadness.  I am sad that you have fallen off of the path of justice.  I am sad that you can no longer hear the cries of those in need and I am sad that you are becoming something I don’t recognize.  I sincerely hope  that you will sit back one day and see the error of your ways before it is too late.  I trust you have the ability and the desire to do so.   Wishing you well.


A Concerned Friend   crying-statue

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