The Last Moment

Yesterday once again tragedies made their way into our news.  It seems every moment we are waking to the newest calamity.  Yesterday many friends sent text and messages wondering about my safety.  Apparently there had been a tragic plane crash here in Cuba involving a route I had taken and a city I routinely fly into.  I imagined what that arrival airport must have looked like as people waited for their loved ones on a plane that would never arrive. I was also aware of the recent American school shooting claiming lives.image I thought of the fragility of life and how at a moment’s notice it can be snatched away.  I thought of how much precious time we spend in worry and fear of what may be.  I thought about how that last time we see a loved one might really be the last time.  I write this short blog as a reminder.  In the big scheme of things we are a blip on the radar screen and are easily replaced.  Our sense of importance is only important to us.  The universe really does not care.  Just a public service announcement to let the little stuff go.  Figure out what makes you happy and go for it.  No one deserves to take your happiness or have you become a sacrificial lamb for the sake of others.  Enjoy the life you are given and hug those close to you.  Tomorrow is not promised to any of us.


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