Another Chance

I sit here this morning thinking of fate.  My mind has a tendancy to dance and run all over the place and can sometimes take me to places even I cannot comprehend.  2 days ago while crossing an intersection, my life almost ended.  As I crossed the busy street  in my well steeled car, another driver ran a red light heading to the driver side of my vehicle.  As I watched the scene in what seemed to be slow motion, the steering wheel of my car immediately lurched right sending my vehicle into a 90 degree turn.  As I braced myself for impact and eerie sense of calm pervaded my body and I had the feeling of my car floating as it lurched out of the way of the oncoming vehicle.  At that moment, I expected to at least have the front end of my car clipped by the driver.  There was no screeching of tires or any effort on the part of the other driver to stop.  He sped on as I gathered myself and turned my car to head home.  On that day by all things logical in my mind I should have been killed or seriously injured.   As I drove home in a daze I could not help but think about fate and what had saved me.  For many years I have felt the hand of my ancestors from the unseen realm.  My grandmother has long been by my side serving as my guide or guardian angel.   Her presence is often felt as I go busily about my day. She was with me that day.

I thought about how quickly life can be snapped in a matter of seconds and no one leaves until the work is finished. I thought long and hard what it is the spirits are asking of me. What is left here for me to do?  10 years ago I was also spared from a rare life taking cancer.  Spirit had been instrumental in assisting me in locating the tumor and proceeded to once again take the wheel.  I am left with the questions of what and why.  I am also left with the understanding that perhaps it is not yet time for me to know.grief Maybe in time the answer will be given.  Perhaps it is just another reminder to get out there and enjoy life, to attend to things that need attending, to speak the unspoken and to appreciate being present and alive.  Spirit might have thought I had forgotten.  Rest assured spirit, I will not forget.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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