An Illusion

I am sitting in a small bar in Baracoa Cuba as I write this.  Yesterday a friend sent me a text with information from our US president Donald Trump.  Apparently he is warning all Americans to stay away from this island due to the recent problems some diplomats in Havana have been having with hearing loss and other brain maladies apparently from an unknown sonic device of some description.  There has been very little investigation although enough for Trump to give this warning.  His so called concern is said to be for the safety of Americans.  In this mind of mine, it is highly doubtful Cuba is the cause of this problem but with that being said there is a need for some to make the Cubans pay.  Realizing any significant loss of tourism only hurts the Cuban people, the games continue.

Yes, it is important to get to the bottom of what or who is causing the problems as all are concerned for the health and wellbeing of the diplomats.  The safety of the average American in Cuba is appreciated but likely  highly overblown.  As an American in Cuba, I have never felt in harm’s way.  I have walked the streets both morn and night.  I have been met by an occasional beggar but mostly well meaning individuals.  The president’s concern should be reserved for the maladies that are befalling the US.  With crime high and many lacking the basic necessities of life such as health care,  one would think his concern is misplaced.

It saddens me greatly that the citizens are often pawns in these games of politics and are the ones who suffer the most.  The US embargo has been a failure of massive proportions and has not changed anyone’s mind for 50 years.  However, there are some who continue to hold out hope that if the citizens suffer enough, change will come.  The people are resilient and no doubt will continue to survive.  None of us know what change will come or when.  We can only hope it will be for the betterment of Cuba and its people.tending garden

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