a letter for the brave

VRabbit-and-HorseDear brave ones

This is a letter written just for you.  I hope that it helps you to realize that you are not alone in the journey called life.  There are others like you who are choosing to live in their own truth.  They are willing, just like you to risk it all to live a life of passion, love, adventure and to live according to their soul purpose.  Many end friendships, careers, marriages, and leave behind things that no longer are conducive to their growth. Rest assured, it is not easy and along with their bravery comes fear, self doubt and guilt. Many go on to start businesses, or forge a new and different way to live.  They are just like you.  They too sit on the fence wondering if they should leap into the unknown or stay where all is comfortable.  The thing about comfort is that it feels good and known, but can stagnate our growth.  Comfort keeps us mired in our surroundings and circumstances and can make us hesitant to pull our heads from under the covers to peer out.  Yet, for many there is that gnawing and the question “is this all there is.”?  We feel it and we know there is more but what.

The world in which we live has a vested interest in order.  It is expected as members of a society we will pull our share of the load.  We will add to the economy, marry and make more tax paying citizens to keep our world afloat.  We are told or expected to follow in line and expect good from keeping our noses to the grindstone and working hard.  One day after we have worked ourselves to a frazzle, we can retire and that is when we are to expect the “good life.”  Ah then we get to kick back with a glass of lemonade and marvel at our grandchildren who have come to pay their respects.  We are told we are officially old and can now relax.  We are not expected to step off of the road of conformity.  We close our ears to our true voices allowing our individuality to meld into the background of life.  Many refuse to listen as our souls pull and call.  We cease to be our real selves.

I have always loved the children’s book, The Velveteen Rabbit.  The story tells of a little stuffed rabbit who sits lonely on a closet shelf.  He meets a skin horse explains to him what it means to become real.  He tells the little rabbit when someone cares and loves you so much  you can become real.   When the little boy loses his favorite toy, the little stuffed rabbit is pulled from the shelf to be loved and cuddled. He is loved and kissed until his fur becomes matted and his nose fades.  The love of the little boy makes the rabbit feel real. As his newness fades others see him as dirty and ugly. One day he is met by 2 real rabbits who taunts him to dance but he is only a toy and cannot.   When the little boy becomes ill, all of the toys are slated to be burned.  As the rabbit sits in the bag with the other toys, a fairy appears to him.  With a wave of her wand, she makes the little rabbit truly real.  As he hops into the thicket he remembers the little boy who gave him the first feeling of being real.  When we become real, we are true to who we really are. Our sagging skin may grow and our hair may cease to be but as the skin horse says to the toy rabbit, when you are real you can never be ugly.

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1 Response to a letter for the brave

  1. Mary Daymont says:

    You are a leader of people looking for true meaning in life!


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