walking the walk

If we are lucky, the day will come when it becomes important to live with authenticity.  It has been said that one of the hardest things we will ever do on this journey is come face to face with ourselves and walk our path with courage.  It requires courage to walk a walk that may look different from others.  It may be a path that requires  a reorganization of all we thought we knew.  It can shake us to our core and tremble our knees.  When we question all that we have always been told it causes us to stop and wonder what other half truths or lies we have taken as our own view.  We may question our sanity and ask why now?  “All was going well until something made me question.” Like putting on our favorite old shoes.  They feel good but can they go to the ball?imageWill they withstand the test of time?  Our lives may be comfortable but is it only comfort we  seek for the time we have left on the planet?

When we buck the status quo, our friends and loved ones may feel something is amiss. Our friends know us and our change may cause an equilibrium shift.  When we begin to change, things change around us.  Some will not understand and have a vested interest in keeping us in place  and may question our motives or become defensive.  Change is difficult for all concerned.  Often when we begin to question the banality of our existence, it causes others to question theirs as well and for some this can be intimidating.  Often our journey begins when we are jolted deep to our core.  For some it can be a trauma or a diagnosis.  For others the awakening can happen as an aha moment with no traceable precipitating factor. In either case, when it happens, we become the lucky ones because it makes us come to life.  As difficult as it may be we have been tapped to walk the path.  Walk on and know you are being supported.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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