The art of change

I will be the first one to admit that change is scary.  In fact, I dislike change.  I can be a creature of habit.  There is a comfort to things we know even when we realize those things need a little shaking.  If we told ourselves the truth, many of us would admit that comfort sometimes brings boredom.  We become use to people and things and tell ourselves “this is how it is as we  fall into a state of  somnambulism.  Some of us question our complacent state and ask “is this all there is?”  We grow restless and realize that maybe one size of life does not fit all. Maybe there are other ways that we are to live.

Society has long played a nasty trick on us by insinuating there is only one way to skin a cat.  We march along like lemmings filling relationships, careers, and lives with expectations of how things are supposed to look according to others.  We come to expect boredom as part of the package.  We tell ourselves that our aches and pains are all a part of getting older and wonder how that 70 year old man on tv continues to run marathons. When we begin to question and come to the realization that we are the ones  in control of our lives, we cause a shift.  We change the waves in the water as we begin to view much  of what we have  been told with a vague suspicion.  Much of what we have always thought now seems unfamiliar.  Our relationships may no longer make sense and may require an upgrade.  We may lose interest in the same job we have had for years and wonder why we stayed so long.  We feel an excitement and yet we are scared.   The territory we are exploring feels foreign and there are times we want the old way back.  As much as our loved ones plead with us to come back to where they knew us best, we realize the old way can never come back because it is us who have changed.  Some may say we are  having a “mid-life” crisis as if what we are feeling is a stage that will go away when we come to our senses.  Ah the mid life crisis,Take-the-Plunge in other words  the call of the soul; the gentle whispering letting us know it is now or never to live to our fullest potential.  Yes we may lose friends and loved ones along the way and we may find ourselves alone but that is a small price to pay for the salvation of our soul.

Live big, live large and leave no stone unturned.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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