Turning a tide

I had initially said I would refrain from posting a blog related to the recent election.  I lied. As I watched with the rest of the world there was an uncomfortable feeling of anxiety and anticipation.  Yes I voted. I am a firm believer in that right and honor the lives lost to gain the priviledge every time I step into a voting booth.  It is a priviledge that I hold near and dear. The recent election has given rise to an increase in conservatism and cries to “make America great again.” Unfortunately, many feel that making America great entails taking it back to an era of unconstitutional right trampling for minorities and women. We are entering a perilous time and if we are not careful we will carry out our own demise as a country.  Since the recent election, there has been an increase in hate crimes and other acts of intolerance.  We as a nation will not survive fighting amongst ourselves.  It is now necessary that we all take a stand against hate and violence wherever it may rear its ugly head.

Garrison Keillor recently penned an article for the Washington Post advising liberal democrats to take a vacation from the political mayhem. He advised them to grow tomatoes, take long walks in the woods and basically stay out of the fray.  We are now in the fray.  We do not have the luxury of standing on the sidelines afraid to get involved.  We must speak out and stand in the face of evil and hate.  Confrontation is frightening and can result in harm to our own physical being but we are our brothers and sisters keeper and have an obligation to protect and help one another.

Stay Alert and be aware.  Do not be afraid to speak out and confront those intent on doing harm.

Report and video any incidents

Stand close to the victim and offer any help

Don’t turn away.  Be available

Speak out on social media.  Anonymity makes it easy to spew hate.

Fight hate and racism within your communities and among your friends.


Take care of each other.  multiracial_56114470


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