Fare thee well

Did you hear it?  Did you hear that loud thump or feel that energetic drain when you were in the company of a friend?  If you listen close enough or check those  feelings, you will know when the time has come to end a relationship.  The universe gives us signs.  Things just no longer seem to fit and there is now a dis ease.  What used to be relaxed and energizing has now become a tension filled mess.

I will admit, I have a bad habit.  I am the one who holds on way to long to relationships that have passed their expiration date.  I am the one who is usually the one sided caller carrying a friendship that had been in its death throes.  I have been the one to offer apology whenever there was any perceived slight to keep the peace and the friendship. Like many, I want to be liked, to be seen as amicable and easy to befriend.  Loss of anything is difficult for me as it is for many others.  Comfort and familiarity are anchors keeping us mired in our own prison.  We cling to bad marriages, unfulfilling relationships, bad jobs thinking the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t.  We need to understand when one road ends, another begins.  The beauty of a true friendship is the support and love one feels.  We know that our friend wants the best for us as we want for them.  Our friend listens and supports us warts and all.  There will be disagreements between us but as caring individuals, we understand the importance of clearing the air.imageWe can say I am sorry, please forgive me and grow stronger.  We can enjoy our differences and celebrate our similarities.   There is a saying that no man or woman is an island.  We all need one another and we all need a true and trusted friend.  However, we need to be brave enough to say farewell should that time come.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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