dwelling in the deep

imageSomething is amiss.  Many of us feel it–that gnawing feeling of dissatisfaction.  It wakes us in the night and plagues us in the day.  We slog through our day wondering “is this what life is supposed to look like?  Society has given us an edict that work and life are meant to be a slog.  We are supposed to toil for those we love and if anything is left, maybe it will be ok to give to ourselves.  We are taught that others come first and labeled as selfish when we attempt a little self care and self love.  Co-dependancy has become an epidemic in our society with many of us taking responsibility for the happiness and so called stability of others.

Recently, a friend asked the question “is life supposed to be so hard?”  He lamented his daily existence of slaving away at a job he hated in order to make ends meet for his family. He spoke of the adage of “doing what you love and the money will follow.”  We all know that is easier said than done and is not always the case.  Unfortunately, our world has made it difficult to follow our passions and to thrive in a place of dignity and delight.  We saddle ourselves with insurmountable debt in a mad effort to keep up with others around us.  We are sold on the notion of home ownership without understanding or questioning if it is best for our situation.  Many of us point fingers at our lot and curse what or who we feel is responsible for our fate.  We have forgotten our true selves.  We have forgotten what makes us smile when we get up in the morning and for certain many of us fail to count the blessings we do have.  In reality, life is not supposed to be hard.  There is some truth that when resistance is met, perhaps we are pushing too hard.  Fate has a way if we allow, of putting us on our path but we need to be able to notice the signs along the way. Perhaps many of us are just too tired or busy to pay attention.  We find it hard to believe that life can be easier.  Many of us find easy with prescription drugs or behind a bottle.

Our culture has a way of herding us all into a box and punishing those who dare to rear their heads looking for light.  We are looked upon as lepers when we don’t conform.  When we heed the call to find our authentic selves, we are often warned by well meaning friends that we had better get back on track or face total derailment.  No doubt, it takes tremendous courage to buck societal norms.  It takes guts of steel to stand alone  risking ridicule and rejection but that is where the real us is often found.  When we love unconditionally  we must accept our loved ones warts and all.  So many are willing to love us only if we act a certain way or conform to a certain belief.  We owe it to ourselves to dig deep, face our fears  and walk that lonely road if we are to arrive at our place of truth.  Yes, it is frightening and may entail an end to relationships, careers, homes, etc.  We just might end up alone, but it is very possible living a life in quiet desperation could be a whole lot worse.

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