Is there a kishu for life?

imageIn the wilds of Patagonia I learned how to use a kishu. For those not knowing what a kishu is, it saves one from the elements as well as hypothermia should you run into the extremes of weather. The kishu is made of a sturdy material and once unfolded can accomodate and enclose a group depending on its size. We found it quite amusing that our guide was so prepared sometimes we thought overly prepared. However, should the unexpected happen, the kishu can save lives while awaiting rescue. We did find a lot of humor in the first and only kishu drill. Reflecting back on the kishu, I wish there were a kishu for life. For all of the unexpected rocks, bumps and potholes that life sometimes hurls our way, a kishu could be a protective respite. Wishful thinking does not equal reality. I can wish for a kishu for life all I want but eventually one has to come out of the kishu and face the aftermath of what we were hiding from. The kishu can save us from the elements but only our own tough skins can save us from the stings and rocks of life.

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