Our fragile world

imageOne week ago I was camping and hiking Patagonia National Park. I had always wanted to visit Patagonia and was blessed to have the chance. I had been climbing mountains in South America and Cerro Oportus in Patagonia was on the list. Through Peaks foundation, we raised money for Conservacion Patagonia as well as 2 other organizations in South America. I, like a lot of people had never really thought about conservation. Many think the land and our earth will always be available. The natural raw beauty of Patagonia is enough to take a breath away and give any introvert the peace and quiet so desired. We were blessed to be able to camp in relative isolation away from maddening crowds, to watch guanaca’s play and enjoy clean, cold air. Doug Thomkins, a conservationist made this oasis possible by purchasing approximately 170000 acres to ensure the pristine conditions are maintained. With a burgeoning population, conservation is more important than ever. Wild rivers and habitats everywhere are in danger of becoming non existent. We as humans continue to exploit the riches of mother nature, kill off our ecosystems and wonder why disease is becoming more exotic and prevalent. We continue to reproduce without concious thought as to how the earth can support so many of us. When will it become apparent that man is no more important than any other species inhabiting the planet? image What has happened to our respect for our animal brethren and the beauty of our planet? While watching the guanacos http://guanocoplay, I wondered if they realize how blessed their living conditions were. There were no hunters, no one would ever invade their space. They could breathe, relax without the thought of developers building condo’s on their sacred space. What are we doing to our world and when will it end?

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  1. Romona Scholder says:

    Welcome Home! Romona


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