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imageI am on the tail end of a great adventurous journey with 8 wonderful women. For the past year I have trained and planned for the chance to climb these 3 peaks in South America. I never really understood how much time it takes to prepare for a journey of physical and mental challenges. The nine of us bonded and became a team in a months time.  We have laughed, cried, endured pain, heat, rain and mosquitoes. We have stayed in campsites that brings the word cholera to mind. We have supported one another and looked after each other in times of illness or fatigue. Our last summit was in Patagonia Chile where we climbed Cerro Oportus. We were blessed with a wonderful guide Olaf and his team. They took such care of us and encouraged us every step of the way. We all laughed at his extreme safety measures but felt reassured that if anything were to happen, Olaf would have our backs. This was the longest we had camped back to back but were blessed to have had our base camp in a protected and incredibly beautiful field under incredible mountains. Our advanced base camp was prepared the day before the summit attempt approximately 45-1 hour away from the initial camp. We arose early on summit morn and completed our summit in 16 hours. This was the day I learned to just keep going. I also learned how to cross a snow field with rope and how to rapel down same snow field. I faced my fears and did things I had never done before. I stood on top of a snow covered summit and I felt proud.  There is sadness now as we prepare to go our separate ways.  I take heart knowing that I have 8 new friends.   I am now able to post more regularly so I hope you will continue to follow.

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  1. luba zeleny says:

    Great to hear from you . Thank you for sharing your life time adventure . I’m so proud of you .HAVE A GREAT TIME IN BUENOS ARIES WITH JOHN .LOVE YOU .LUBA


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