imageIt has always amazed me how much guilt runs our lives. One would ask when an action is motivated by guilt, is it a true action from the heart? When we allow ourselves to be swayed or handled by guilt we are missing the beat of our true heart and the call of our soul. I am here with my team in South America and guilt has even resided here. “Should we post that photo, will it look as if we are having too much fun?” I have even see friends tired beyond belief but drag themselves to work, a party whatever out of fear of offending or feelings of guilt. I wonder where does the love and caring of ourselves come into play. So what if we allow ourselves enjoyment or take a day off from work just because. There seems to be an unspoken rule in our society that liesure equals laziness and if you are not “doing” 24/7 then you are not being a productive member of society. Unfortunately, many fall into this trap. Is it not enough we are bombarded with constant stimulation at every turn? If one allows the mind to shut up for a moment and allow the body its say a different conversation would take place. The body would sleep a little later, eat slower, watch less t.v, take a day off for the hell of it, say no, and revel in every pleasurable experience it encounters. So relax and revel.

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2 Responses to Guilt

  1. Luba Zeleny says:

    You could not say any better .I’m so proud of you . Good luck and have a great time and fun . BE SAFE I WANT YOU COME BACK SO WE CAN ENJOYE LIFE HAVE GREAT HIKES AND BURRITO. LOVE YOU


  2. Claire Onuf says:

    I’m listening, Iris, and wishing you well!!! Can’t wait to hear your stories!


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