D day

Tomorrow is the day that I have been preparing for over 6 months.  I am in South America, Peru to be exact to take the first trek and climb of a 3 week 3 peak journey.   I am hoping that my body and mind will guide and support me.  Although I have trained and feel able,  we never know what each day will bring  us.  I have some angst.  I wonder if I will have the stamina?  Will the altitude cause my lungs to gasp “no more.”  I have to have faith that these middle aged legs will keep moving and remember what it is they have to do.  I have faith in this body.  It has not failed me yet and I trust it won’t fail me now.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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5 Responses to D day

  1. Your circle sisters in Santa Fe are with you in mind, body, and spirit as you climb tomorrow. Re-member! We have faith in you!



  2. Kathlyn Avila-Reyes says:

    You can do it!!! The mountains of Peru will make you dig into the depths of your soul for strength you didn’t know you have.


  3. Lucy Belian says:

    Many blessing from all of us at 360 Medicine! Lucy, Heidi, Melissa, Sudarshan and Russ!


  4. Romona Scholder says:

    Go Iris!!! Romona


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