What makes a team

I have been here in Peru for a week and 2 days with 8 other women from around the world. We have just completed our first peak with 2 more to go. We have shared rooms, stories, lives, meals, supplies and the list goes on. We are a team and we will continue to be a team for the next 2 weeks. These women are new to me and we all come with our own personalities and quirks. The funny thing about a team is how cohesive it becomes with passing time. Of course there are struggles, disagreements and annoyances but that is part of building cohesion. Here in Peru we are learning to watch out for one another, to share and to put the team needs first. We range in ages and I am understanding that I can learn from those that may be younger or older. Tomorrow we all head to Bolivia to climb a 19,700 ft peak. We are anxious and a tad nervous but as a team we will succeed.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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  1. Cecily Miner says:

    You are one amazing woman Iris! Miss you! Cecily


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