Go with the flow

There are times where it is required that we go with the flow and travel is one of those times.  Make no bones about it.  These days travel requires a kamakaze type of attitude as one maneuvers through the mazes of airport security and a host of other variables.   It takes nerves of steel and the patience of Buddha himself to come out unfazed.  Many of us know the feeling of finally getting to our destination feeling as if we have come out of a war zone.  Learning to breathe and observe all the time realizing that this too shall pass goes a long way towards keeping our sanity.  Navigating foreign terrain is a steep learning curve but shakes us out of our complacent existences.  Without travel we cease to know the world.  We cease to realize just what we are capable of.   It gives us experience and makes us road warriors.  As I prepare to enter this foreign terrain of South America, there will undoubtedly be obstacles.  I will live and hike with 8 other women I do not know.  There is no doubt in my mind that there willbe test and challenges along the way.  I also know that if I go with the flow, breathe and stay centered its possible I can be unflappable.  We shall see.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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3 Responses to Go with the flow

  1. Madeline Feijoo says:

    Iris; La vida nos da precisamento lo que necesitamos. Pensando en ti y mandandote saludos de Santa Fe. Buena Suerte…..me encanta leer tus pensmientos. Un abrazo de parte de Madeline


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