Oh the shame

What in the world has happened to us? Yesterday I read of an incident on an airline of a man punching a seat of a woman sitting in front of him who had reclined her seat. He was apparently sitting in the last row in a seat that did not recline thus limiting his ability to gain a few inches. However, instead of politely asking the woman to refrain from reclining, he punched her seat in a fit of frustration. It seems our pot is reaching a boiling point and soon will boil over. Our tolerance for humanity, civility and kindness seems to be on a downhill course. We are becoming a nation hellbent on having our way and our say come hell or high water. Air travel used to be a luxury now it is akin to a flying can filled with angry pajama wearing people.

Political correctness has also come under attack with many giving lip service of it being a way to coddle certain segments of the population. These folks are now feeling a certain freedom to say or act however they see fit. They spit out the term “political correctness” as if it has left a bad taste in their mouths. They now are thankful there is no longer a need to be polite, moral or decent.  Happy they are as it is now acceptable  to have their say about women, minorities and any other group not fitting into the so called “wholesome American way of life.”

We are a shell shocked nation akin to victims of ptsd. We are walking zombies just waiting for each day to pass wondering what next. What will be the new crisis? We gasp and watch news filled with horror but go on about our day as we know there will be something else tomorrow. We have lost a sense of pride and unity as we spar against each other in a sad political arena failing to understand the notion of divide and conquer that makes us all much weaker. We no longer can grab the zesto of life as we are too busy trying to keep our heads above water. We are told as we enter the world, buy a home, have a family, get credit without realizing these are the rules to make a slave for society. To keep one mired in debt ensures a nation that is not free.

America the land of the free and home of the brave. A country where now our military men and women are mocked and humiliated and placed in a system of dysfunctional health care upon their return home. A land where we are pitted against each other like fighting dogs in a ring. A land where that bronze woman standing in the New York harbor hides her face in shame. A land of isolation with belief if it does not affect me, then it is not my problem. A land where no one is safe in church, school or your neighborhood store. A land where crime only pays if one is rich. A land where we can build a wall to keep people out but there is no money to provide health and education for those within the same wall. A land where our hearts have become so hardened and our arteries are filled with hate.

What have we become?













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