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This past year as the turkey had been placed amidst the cranberry sauce for the thanksgiving holiday, I found myself sitting on a cuban beach sipping rum and thinking about my family.  It has been customary for us all to gather around the turkey table to feast and commune.  This year I felt something different.  I was tiring of tradition and as fate had it I was away from it all.  I had always had the holiday visions of wonderment in my head thanks to the media that begins to bombard us as early as October with Christmas excitement.

As a child I like all the others had visions of what wonderful toys Santa would bring.  Thanksgiving was just a by way to get to Christmas.  The sooner it was over, the sooner Christmas would be here.  Over the years my expectations played right along with Hallmarks.  Yes the live tree filled with light, presents and the wonderful family in matching pajamas opening presents with laughter on Christmas morning.  Nobody showed the drunk uncle, the family fights, the lonely neighbors or the homeless.  Everybody was supposed to be happy, after all it is Christmas.  As a child I watched the beautiful people on television dressed formally for Christmas dinner sipping champagne.  I marveled at the children with stockings hung by the fireplace and even at that young age felt something was missing.  There were no tantrums and no disagreements.  Everyone smiled, laughed and no one spoke of politics.

So many weeks of anticipation and busyness take us away from the true meaning of the occasion and we spend the moments running from store to store to fulfill expectations and end the season feeling depleted and worn.  Take time to breathe.  Take a moment to spend alone.  Spend time in nature and allow the feel of peace to wash over you.

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