The end of the golden road

Today the Washington Post had an article “The Trauma for a man:Male fury and fear rises in GOP in defense of Kavanaugh.”  I am not much for political commentary but find it necessary in light of changing climate in the good ole US of A. Personally, I find the concept of male fury, well infuriating.  The notion that men after so many years of having cake and eating it to are feeling fury in an age of  changing demographic where more women are demanding to be heard is ludicrous.  This is about sexual assault.  The condescending talk and accusations of lying towards women courageous enough to come forth is beyond appalling.  Once again we are in a terrain where it is best for women to be seen and not heard ie . chattel, property.  Male priviledge and patriarchal mores have thrived and succeeded on keeping women mired in a quagmire of inferiority and dependance.

Sexual assault is no laughing matter.  Everyday in a court room somewhere in this world rape victims are being asked questions regarding type of clothing worn and other questions designed to make them perpetrators instead of victims.  Women are not being taken seriously and now as more come forward, the good ole boys club is claiming “fury” and once again attempting to paint women as destroyers of careers and families.  What these boys fail to realize is that what is done in the past can always come back to bite .

I give applause to these women brave enough to speak their truth as it takes tremendous courage to stand amidst the sharks of patriarchy.  Men and women alike must stand in support of these women and hold those hell bent on forcing them back into obscurity accountable every step of the way.image

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