Last night I had a dream.  I saw the world spinning as pieces were being dismantled and flying off into space.  i witnessed large divisions and splits around the globe. It all dismantled into crumbs and ashes of what had been.  When I awoke I sat with the dream and realized it was speaking of rebirth, renewal and a new way of being. The old paradigms are dying and we are being shifted to a new reality.  When change is afoot, it is never easy and we can spend an inordinate amount of time digging in our heels and refusing to move.  Old patterns and habits die hard.  We want to cling on to what we know, what is comfortable.  The devil we know is better than the devil we don’t.  We fear change and the discomfort it will bring.

damage_from_hurricane_patricia_2015_in_colima_mexicoWith changes in America’s political landscape, as a black woman I could allow myself to feel a certain amount of  fear.  I am the product of parents who lived life before civil rights for minorities.  My parents lived in the South where hate groups such as the ku klux klan routinely spread fear among people of color. I am the product of segregated elementary schools.  I know the history of little Ruby Bridges who as a first grader had to be escorted to school by armed guards as she integrated an all white school in Louisiana. As a young child I watched nightly news as police in Birmingham, Alabama unleashed vicious dogs and powerful fire hoses on children and adults as they marched for human rights. Unfortunately some among us decry the loss of those times. The rock has been lifted and allowed ignorance once again to slither out.

I could allow myself to fear but I also understand this is the last hurrah for a dying breed.  it is the death knell, the breathing pattern of the dying.  Times are a changing.  What we once had faith in is now being questioned and brought into the light.  Those standing in pulpits and altars around the globe are being called out.  These are the ones with whom we  have placed our trust.  There is a saying those living in glass houses should not throw stones.  We have been living in a world of lies, control and oppression.  We have fallen for the story that has been meant to divide us.  Fear is the order of the day.  We fear those that are not like us or any lifestyle that does not fit into our set of prescribed beliefs.  We can spend billions to build a wall and bomb humans around the globe one hundred times over yet fear still prevails.

The universe will not be denied and is now calling for a shift in human conciousness.  Either we join the call or we are left behind. It is time for allowance.  It is time for compassion.  What we knew in our world is crumbling but we must understand there is another side.  Growth hurts but so does stagnation.  Like the phoenix, we rise from the ashes

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