Sinking to a new low

This is a raw time.  It is a time of increasing intolerance and deviciveness.  We have become at odds with ourselves.  Like wolves fighting for the last remnant of meat we have turned upon each other and made ourselves the enemy.  The political climate of the last 8 years has sparked a backlash from those hellbent on clinging to a power they feel is escaping them.  For the first time in the nation’s history, a black family held residence in the White House and for some that was the straw that broke the old camel’s back.  Those 8 years were met with open resistance from within and cries from elected officials that they would do everything in their power to insure a one term presidency.  The face of America is becoming browner and women are demanding to be heard. For a patriarchal society, that is a threat.  The backlash is palpable and breathes fear.

We stand at a time where blind patriotism is the expected order of the day.  Boycotts and threats are instituted against those who fail to goose step in line with the status quo. Plenty of lip service is given to freedom of expression and democracy.  All  is well until another disagrees.  We support and honor killing in the name of democracy  yet turn a blind eye when a foreign power attempts to disrupt the process.  We have lost the support of one another and the ability to walk in another’s shoes.  We are selling ourselves up the river without a paddle.

We are in a perilous place now. Many of us are surprised and disgusted as we hear vile comments coming from those we once considered friends.  Families have turned against one another as members voice differing opinions.  Hatred has  been given a permit to come out from the shadows.  Many of my friends are wearing safety pins worn on their lapel.  It is supposedly a symbol of solidarity and a stand against intolerance and hate.  It is a well meaning act but as a black woman what am I supposed to garner from this gesture?   Do I seek them out in times of trouble?  Are they truly willing to jump into the frey should the need arise?  How many are truly going to be willing to risk life and limb?  Why have we gotten to the point where I and others should place our hope in a safety pin?  Have we really not come far at all?

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