Enter the void

the-voidMost of us have been there.  It is the place where nothing works, ideas or plans are few and far between and many of us feel lost.  It is the void.  It is the place of angst and worry.  It is the place that keeps us awake at night.  Many of us fear it as we cannot control how long we will be there or how deep we will have to go.  The void hurts especially when we fight. We want to know what is on the other side and we want out now.  Navigating in the void can feel like being in a boat without a paddle.  Often the void has the answers we are looking for and the time comes when we need to relax and allow the universe to do its work to guide us.  Answers may not come easy and our path may be filled with rocks.  It is at this time we trust.  We know there is light at the other end and where we are going is often more supportive than where we are coming from.  Now we need to trust our own voices and stand firm in our power.  Now is the time we cannot listen to others for they are not able to walk our path or understand our journey.  Many feel they may know better. They may tell us they have been there and offer advice coming from a place that does not apply to us.  We may listen, thank them and go on our way.  Alone, we must walk the path.

There was the night I sat alone fearing for my life knowing the end was near.  I had lost faith in my will to survive.  My health had become my enemy. I sat in the dark and cried tears of fear not knowing how and when I would come out on the other side. I was alone and knew that no one could fix the turmoil and fear that I felt.  It was in that place that I came to understand as awful as it felt it did not kill me and it gave me the space to face what was to come.  I managed to grow stronger as I looked into the abyss.  Looking into a black nothingness we must feel our way along as sight is nonexistent or severely limited. Facing our fear and stumbling in the dark we gain strength, we become more sure and less afraid.  We learn to navigate using all of our senses.  It is in the dark we come to understand that once again there will be light.  Breathe and keep feeling your way along. Soon one begins to see.


About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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