Feeling It

Take-the-PlungeIf we are lucky there comes a time in life where we get to meet our passion and our life’s meaning face to face.  However, when it comes calling, we must be brave enough to answer the door.  Hiding out or refusing to answer leads us to a life of what one would call quiet desperation.  It takes great courage to step out of the comfort of all that we know into unknown territory.  It can sometimes be painful to stretch strongly attached wings.  When we take a leap into  the abyss we can sometimes surprise ourselves.  We get to see our courage and meet others who will support our bravery every step of the way.   In other words, we meet kindred souls.

In this moment I am in a small Cuban town answering a call  to follow my soul.  I have come here with broken Spanish and very little knowledge of what i am doing but I have followed the call to show up.  I have been to Cuba before but never to this particular place.  I am learning and  finding my way. I have navigated and found my way on a horse pulled wagon with strangers heading out into territories unknown.  I have met locals who accepted my awful spanish all the while telling me how well I was doing.  I found that I could work in a farm studio in the presence of goats, pigs and burros and not miss a step.  I have in the  found a life I never knew existed and another side of me that I had long forgotten.  I thank the universe for throwing me this curve ball  and granting me the gift of aliveness.  Yesterday I sat at the breakfast table in my small apartment as sweat poured from my face and into my eggs.  I thanked the heavens for the discomfort as I knew I was alive.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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3 Responses to Feeling It

  1. Romona Scholder says:

    Beautifully said. I’m so pleased that you are happy. RS

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Jae Agu says:

    My dear Sista Iris,

    Keep on keeping on!!!

    Love you,


    Sent from my iPad



  3. Anonymous says:

    My Sista Iris,
    Keep on keeping on……
    Love you,


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