a friend indeed

I consider myself blessed.  I am the lucky recipient of a best friend.  When we have been given such a gift, it is a requirement that we nurture and care for the blessing.  We have to become worthy.  Recently my friend and I tested our metal on a mountaineering adventure in the Canadian Rockies.  If anything can test a friendship it is the trials and tribulations of traveling together not to mention bad food, minimal privacy and bone numbing climbs. However, throughout it all, my buddy kept her sense of adventure.  I did hear her a couple of times as she muttered under her breath no doubt with a few choice words for me as we struggled through white out conditions.  This is the woman who jumps on a plane at a moment’s notice whenever life throws a curve ball.  This is the woman who knows my deepest secrets yet holds no judgement.  She takes me warts and all.  We have navigated the sometimes rough sea of friendship and have landed on the shore relatively unscathed. We have learned that politics and religion are off limits as it can quickly muddy the water and besides it is not worth the hassle.  Sometimes we do not see eye to eye and that is OK. imageSometimes we drive each other crazy and that is OK too.  I want the best for my friend and know that games are not necessary.  It does not matter  who called last.  In fact, we do not keep tally.  Games are not necessary with our good friends.  We do not need bad news or angst to keep the conversation interesting.  Life is short and time is even shorter.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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