going toe to toe

cat-and-dog-bestfriends-600x450The other day my sister told me she was in the process of ending two long term friendships.  These women had been in her circle of friends since she had moved to the area where she now lives.  After numerous slights and failures to be completely honest on their part she came to the conclusion it was time to call them out on their behavior and lack of true caring. She spoke of the moment she had spoken her truth and how uncomfortable her friends became. They had been called out on their game.  There was denial on their parts and the usual blame game that follow when one is confronted. She stated her piece and voiced her feelings in a calm and self assured manner and expressed her need to end the relationships if it was not going to be reciprocal.

When we decide to say enough we scare others.  We put them on notice that the gig is up and we are now in the driver’s seat. Human nature loves comfort even when it is no longer comfortable. We hold on when we know our relationships are no longer working.  Some live in violence walking on egg shells knowing their lives are at stake. Friendships or relationships that have exceeded their expiration dates are held onto out of fear of loss or the fear of being alone.  It takes great strength and courage to stand in our truth; to be the captain of our ship. We get to say who is allowed in our lives and to walk away from those who are not supportive or harmful. We get to say how wide our wings can spread and on which road we walk. Today be big, be courageous and be brave. Open your world to those who love you and want the best for you.  They are out there just waiting to be let in.  amelia




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