Acting like a lady

Recently a close friend spoke of my anger.  Apparently my voice had given me away.  I had spoken loudly and with passion.  I had spoken of discontent and voiced my concern about the world in which we live.  I had seethed about the stupidity of my fellow humans and yes I was angry and I am still angry.  I am angry that I live in a society where anger is seen as bad especially for women and especially for women of color.  All of a sudden we become the “angry black woman.” As any woman we are expected to speak softly and to keep any notion of dissent to ourselves.  Hillary Clinton is expected to smile even as she speaks of serious issues in her  quest for the highest office in our land.  As I walk along the street I am advised by men to smile and not to look so mean. It was not long ago when Michelle Obama was labeled an ABW(angry black woman) by our patriarchal society merely for having an assertive opinion.   Trouble makers, ball busters, nags, bitches, “being on the rag or any other label designed to shut us up are just a few of the names a woman is called by those intent on control.  The message is clear “shut the hell up and get back to the kitchen.”

Women have had to face the disdain of a society if she dared speak her mind or heaven forbid to question.  From the moment we are born, we are dressed in pink, given a doll and reminded at every turn to act like a “lady.”  We are labeled as whores and sluts when we enjoy our sexuality through action or dress.  We laugh and show disdain for cultures where women are covered from head to toe to not arouse male passion but are we not doing the same when we accuse women for contributing to their rapes or abuse by what they wear or their behavior?  Women around the globe are beaten or killed for stepping out of prescribed guidelines or moral expectations.  Sadly, repression of women is ingrained into the fabric of human culture.  It pays the powers that be to keep the peace and keep women in their place.  A woman with a voice and a mind not to mention a sexual presence  is a force of nature and  will not be denied or silenced.american-flag-burka


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