Hiding beneath the bed

monster-300x181When I was a child I believed that the monsters lived under my bed or in my closet.  In fact I was so sure that my dad performed a nightly ritual of checking each spot to make sure nothing was lurking there at that moment.  I believed the rest of my world was safe.  Nothing would get me as long as my dad made sure all was clear.  Today I am an adult and I have come to understand that the monster lives all over.  It is no longer confined beneath the bed or in the closet.  It walks the streets, stalks restaurants, movie theaters, schools.  Daddy cannot protect me anymore.

If we allow ourselves to live in fear we are doomed.  We become paralyzed when we allow fear to win.  No doubt about it, fear can be all encompassing.  We believe if we stay home, lock our doors, avoid crowds that we will remain safe.  Truth be told, our world has changed.  The ease and availability of weapons of destruction aka guns has made it all to easy for those hell bent on destruction to have their wishes granted.  Just 2 years ago the monster came out of the closet and wreaked havoc on a small town in Connecticut six days before Christmas.  A month ago, the monster visited Paris and gunned down those whose only crime was enjoying themselves on a pleasant evening.  The monster strikes any place at any time wreaking havoc world wide.

Any time we choose to step out into our world there is risk.  It is a part of life.  Darkness prevails if we allow.   We have to be committed to bringing light where the dark has come to live.  We have to be the ones to stand up and refuse to give space to the monsters.  Our media has to cease giving the monster the fame it craves as there will always be others craving the same.  We all want to be safe and believe there is someone who can guarantee harm will never befall us.  Unfortunately there is no one who is able to fulfill that role.  Even though my dad performed his ritual, I realize safety has always been an illusion.  Living a life without fear is true freedom.  When we hide, the monsters have won.

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