The warmth of compassion

The internet is abuzz with a wonderful story of a young McDonald’s employee leaving his work post to help an elderly disabled man to eat.  The image captured by another customer shows the young man with freshly donned gloves cutting the elderly gentleman’s food with great compassion.  To be honest, I shed a tear when I read the story.   To see or hear acts of random kindness gives me faith and hope in my fellow human.  We are bombarded daily with news of suffering, inhumanity and events which all serve to bring about anxiety and a belief that we have all gone to hell.  If we believe the media, it is easy to come to the conclusion that kindness or compassion are no longer a part of our existence.  I blame the media as they know good news does not sell.

Every now and then a news hiatus can be a welcome relief.  A few months ago, I did just that.  Not only did I feel less anxious and irritated, there was almost a zen like effect from not dwelling in the swamp of negativity that has become our news.  We have been lulled into believing that evil exists around every corner causing us to batten down the hatches and cast an evil eye towards anyone or anything perceived as a threat.

Believe it or not, there is good in the world.  There are those who reach our with kindness and compassion every day.  It benefits us  to shine the light on those who are making bright spots in our world.  It is sad that acts of kindness have become so rare that they become events.  In a perfect world, compassion would be the norm of the day.  A kind act would not be a surprise.  I salute that McDonald’s employee and I am certain he made the recipient of his kind act feel like a million bucks.   Be kind to each other.Screen-shot-2014-05-23-at-8.26.41-AM

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I salute your reminder to take every opportunity to be kind.


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