The value of a friend

We all know that life gets busy and unfortunately sometimes the first casualties are our friends. Friendship is one of the things that help make life a little smoother and a little easier. We learn a lot from our friends. Our friends soften the sharp edges of life and help us when we are in the deep dark valleys. They also ride with us in the sunny times of our lives. A true friend smiles and supports us as we reach for our goals. They encourage us to keep going. They are gifts from the heavens above. One knows when you have found this gem. You can recognize them in disagreements as they never leave your side no matter how much you may not agree. They are willing to share themselves and take time to listen in spite of their busy lives or other relationships. I have been blessed with a few of these gems in my life. Although my friend lives thousands of miles away, we know we are there for one another and no dark cloud hovers without us under it together.

Unfortunately many of us are lonely and we reach for friendships that may be inappropriate, one sided, or hold on when it no longer fits. For many it is a sad day when a relationship ends especially one in which a lot of energy was invested. The ending of relationships often comes with clues. We notice our relationship has become one sided. We are the ones to always call, always arrange dates, always us doing it all. Our friend is no longer available. If you listen really closely you can almost hear the energy drop like a ton of bricks. However, we continue to hold on thinking maybe we are misinterpreting the information. We feel we no longer click. We no longer make time for one another. Sometimes other relationships or new friends displace the old and the old is no longer valued as important. Immaturity often plays a part as some may feel they only have enough to maintain one friendship at a time. It hurts to lose a friend make no bones about it but we have to be willing to let go. When one leaves, others often appear.image To have a true friend, we must be a true friend. Many of us have come to understand the shortness and the fragility of life. Time is fleeting and nourishing and cherishing those that add to our fleeting time is a beauty to embrace.

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