I have no desire to make this a political post but I imagine some will take it as such. These past 4 years have caused me as well as others a lot of angst. In my opinion it had nothing to do with who voted for whom. To be honest I like to consider myself an independant and usually hold no allegiance to any political party. Having voted for the candidate instead of the party I have gone all over the board.

My heart has hurt these past 4 years and I am probably having a small amount of ptsd. Many of my friends have spoken of insomnia and to be honest I have had my bouts waking up wondering what would happen next. I want to be fair but i truly have had a hard time watching America become a land with a multitude of unemployed losing their livelihoods as a virus sweeps the globe. It has caused me great sadness to see so many dying alone in intensive care units unable to be comforted by families. It made me angry to see many refusing to wear masks or keep gatherings small all for the sake of their safety and others. I fretted and worried for my elderly parents doing all in my effort to keep them away from the ravages of this new and unknown virus. I have plain been afraid and now I am just exhausted. I miss the touch and the hugs of my family and friends. I wonder how this will all play out. I watch as Americans have been pitted against one another. How we have allowed hate to be a part of American discourse.

Not only the pandemic, my heart breaks for the immigrants waiting in long lines for a chance for legal immigration that is far from being granted. I cry for the children that were kept in detention separated from parents. I wonder what the statue of liberty would say. did she not say “give me your tired and your poor?’

For 4 years breaking news had me wondering what was next. What in God’s name could be happening now? Now here I sit with elected politicians questioning the vote. For me it is disheartening. So many of us died for the right to vote. Many felt the pride as they cast that first vote paving the way for me and others. It sickens me to have that right questioned and it should sicken every American who considers themselves a patriot. No my post is not meant to be political but it should stir one to conciousness as how close we could come to a dictatorship; how our constitution could be dismantled by those hellbent on doing so. It saddens me that grown men and women put in power to protect rights and the work of founding fathers can so easily attempt to overthrow the will of the people. We the people should be that, We the people.

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