Pain of birth


Man on the edge of pier

On May 7 I wrote an article titled Wringing the cloth of blood.  Little did i know it would be foreshadowing another death of another black man at the hands of police.  George Floyd would be brutally murdered in Minnesota just a few short weeks later.  Brutal lynchings and acts of hostility have plagued black people in america for 400 years so this is nothing new.  This time it would be different.  This time it would matter and this time everyone would pay attention.  People did notice and people took to the streets.  

I awake this morning to the chaos that has become our new normal.  Not only is there a pandemic requiring social isolation there is now the scenes of protest with our streets filled with citizens coming face to face with the armed police officers sworn to protect them.  National guardsmen are being put on alert to quell any mayhem.   Sadly with protests acts such as looting and innocent loss of life will follow.  This is a time.  It is a time of change.  Our collective conciousness is screaming.  It is a time for America to look at its ugly face in the mirror, warts and all and admit there is a problem. 

I truly believe turmoil is the harbinger of change.  The old way has to die for a new way to be born.  Change is not easy and there will be much gnashing of teeth and groans of resistence before death takes hold.  Birth will come but not without pain.  We are being called upon to look at our own collective and individual stuff; a sort of cleansing if you will.  Either we go willingly into the change or we stomp our feet and refuse to go.  Either way it happens.  Concious people have had enough and are willing to risk for a new way.  America can no longer afford division.  There is a saying that those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.  We can only hope that America will have learned from its past mistakes and move forward on the new path that is being presented.  The alternative would not be a good thing.

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