Wake me when its over

Lately I have been privy to conversations amongst friends and acquaintances regarding the state of the nation.  I listen as they express their fear and their feeling that all is lost and we are doomed.  With the resignation of supreme court justice Kennedy, many feel the next selected justice will be of such a conservative ilk, that it will set us back to a previous century.  Many with compassion watch what they fear is our new way of being, a time of intolerance and hatred.  Recently even the most hard hearted among us watched in anguish as thousands of children were torn from their parents and placed in camps in so called efforts to stem illegal immigration.  The statue of liberty has to be having a genuine conniption.  Was she not the one saying “give me your tired your poor?”

From the outside, it looks as if all is lost.  It is enough to make us shudder in our boots and crawl back under the covers.  It makes us angry and we are feeling it.  The daily barrage of negative news and the feeling that our political system and way of life are doomed are causing many to see no way out.  Increasing physical and mental symptoms such as anxiety, aggression, insomnia, increased addiction are becoming part of our landscape.  I sometimes wonder have we lost our way? There are days I wake up and cannot recognize what we have become.  It is almost akin to walk-ins from another planet have come and taken residence inside human bodies hell bent on destruction of mankind.  This scenario would no doubt make a great movie but not so much a great life.

Yes it is a perilous time but we can not give into the fear.  Whenever change is occuring, there is chaos.  When a new way is being made there is chaos.  There are those who wish to hold onto what they once knew but change comes to us all.  We can either ride the wave or drown.  Now the planet needs our minds and bodies and we must be ready.  We must claim our power and we must understand that we are here because we can handle what is going on.  Under the covers is not the place we need to be.  It is up to us to take care of ourselves and each other.

Turn off the news, read a book, listen to music, see a friend, get outdoors nature is an amazing antidote for what ails, take your sadness or anger to the mountain or to a tree,  Drink plenty of water, take a bath in epsom salts it is good for relaxation.  Eat an apple, play with a child, take a technology break for a day, get a massage, or just simply lie in bed and do nothing.  That is good too and by all means breathe.  We got this.







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