And all my dreams come true

A few months ago I was minding my own business  on a plane heading home from a family visit.  An older woman sat beside me and began a polite chat. She had been to visit a long time friend and  became more personal the longer the flight got.  A quick glance at my ring finger she proceded to tell me that one day I would find a man and have a lovely family, making her assumption of my relationship status.  Having a curious mind regarding myself and others I sat quietly to watch the journey of the conversation unfold. She began to tell me all about the joys of marriage and how wonderful it would be for me . “Don’t worry, one day a man will sweep you off of your feet and it will be all over, you would have such beautiful children.”  Her bright smile widened as she  pronounced my upcoming fate.  I did not have the desire to tell her that I was indeed in a relatively stable relationship and no, I had no desire to procreate or make the perfect family if indeed such a thing existed.   I was amused and thought I could see the wheels spinning in her brain as she continued with her plan for my life.  After my amusement wore thin, I faked sleep.  All the while I was thinking of the conversation and this strangers prediction that having a man to sweep me off of my feet would be my saving grace.  Maybe then I could stop this tomfoolery of actually believing my life could exist without a man.  After all, who was I to think such a thing and why wouldn’t I want to be swept off of my feet?  There is a saying out there that being swept off of one’s feet makes it easy to fall on  your ass, but what would I know.





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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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