Just a little thought

If the day comes when others call you crazy, shrug it off.  If they laugh at your ideas and dreams, shrug it off.  When they call your dreams stupid or tell you it can’t be done, go ahead, do it anyways.  Crabs in a pot want all others in their too so aspire to climb out and get on with the affairs of your business.  Keep your eyes straight and focused.  Carry on with your plan as your soul knows your work.  Your soul knows what mortal man cannot comprehend.  What may look crazy to others is no concern of yours. There is genius in your madness. 3044182-poster-p-1-ridiculous-by-design-where-designs-craziest-inventor-gets-his-ideasYour soul is the nudge that keeps you moving onward.  Your soul never lies

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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