Be Wild

If you are blessed or lucky before you die you will get wild.  You will get wild by society’s standards as society hates wild.  It hates wild because it cannot control wild, it cannot beat the passion out of wild and it cannot understand why wild wants to be wild.  The rules made by wild are its own.  It takes you into its circle and makes you expand your wings. One simply cannot help to expand its wings once wild gets a hold on you.  There is no convention, no co dependence, no tight jaws or stiff necks.  There are no penny loafers or alligator shirts in the land of wild.  There is only space, creative thought, freedom and a desire to see just how far those wings will stretch.  Once you become a citizen in the land of wild others may decide you are just too much to handle and they may walk away. Understand that this is all part of the plan as others have a vested interest in you remaining the same.  Have no fears my friend as there will be many just like you who have staked their claim in the wild.  You will not be alone.   grief

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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1 Response to Be Wild

  1. Anonymous says:

    Iris, this was a very timely and beautifully written message. This morning I was reflecting on a dream I had two months ago about the blue baboon. When I read your post today, I realized that one of the messages of the dream was/is about being in relationship to the untamed, free aspects of life and of myself. Your words helped echo and clarify this message. Thank you!



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