The face you do not see

payday-2-font-b-mask-b-font-joker-font-b-mask-b-font-Party-font-bLiving life takes courage.  Of course we are alive but many of us are not living life as life is intended to be lived.  We settle, we get comfortable and we get bogged down in our mask and our egos.  We begin to see danger around every corner and cling to those we think and hope are just like us.  We point our fingers at anything or anyone we identify as different and label it as “other.”

Here in our first world existence,  media and societal dictates have made us a culture that is risk averse.  Our recent political landscape is being played on a field mined with fear and stupidity, and caters to those looking for a savior to fix the mad world in which we live. Many have come to believe if they live in the big house, drive the fancy car, tell others how rich they are it will somehow ease their fear and make it all better.  On the flip side, many cling to ideals of being superior based on skin color, liberal or conservative ideologies, age, friendships, physical attributes, on and on.  We hide behind the mask of anything to make us feel good and morally superior.

When we hide our insecurities stay in a safe box.  The world cannot see our warts and cracks or so we think.  We develop relationships on a false platform and fail to attract those experiences that the real us would want.  We become a slave to the game.  It takes energy to continue a charade.  Eventually, the mask is going to become claustrophobic if we are lucky.  It takes a brave individual to come out of hiding and allow the world to truly see us.  How do you hide?


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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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