take two aspirin and call me in the morn



If you are honest with yourself you will have an epiphany.  You will come to realize that you are sick and tired of being the status quo.  You will come to understand that there is no American dream, no picket fence and no knight in shining armor is going to rescue you from a life of drudgery.  You might not want to admit it too loudly because some out there will not like it, some may call you crazy and some might just walk away.  If you are true to yourself you will realize you can no longer conform to what others want you to be.  Your soul will not let you.  It will scream, claw and cause long intense bouts of “what the hell is going on.”

When we are on the road to being our true selves there is often pain and discomfort involved.  Sometimes a lot of pain.  Some banter about the term dark night of the soul as if the process of growth is only about a night.  If we are lucky we grow, we change and we come out on the other side of chaos better and stronger than we were before.  These folks are the true warriors.  They are the ones that risk it all for the life they know they are meant to live.  They do not settle.  Of course many choose to settle, to play quietly in the corner to not stir up any dust.  Let’s face it, conforming and being still is easier.  People like you.  Who does not want to be liked?  Well maybe there are some.  Following the tried and true, being a good boy or girl may keep you out of jail but it certainly can lead to a life of quiet desperation.

imageThe day will come when you wonder is this it?  Where did the time go?  We make bucket list and claim that one day we will take that adventure or do whatever it is we have been putting off for years.  We fail to realize our tomorrow may never come.  We lament aging and swear we are too old to learn a language, play an instrument, climb a mountain.  We wonder what our friends or relatives might say.  If you are lucky, you will hear the scream of the soul and it will make you so uncomfortable that rest will be difficult to come by and you will have no choice but to heed its call.


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  1. Agu says:

    Hallelujah! My Sistah!


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