Only the shadow knows

cropped-img_1996.jpgOften times in our busy world, we forget.  We forget to look, to hear, to feel, to see or to taste.  We forget our senses.  We forget to breathe.  We get so caught up in the energetics of all going on around us.  Our lives begin to live us instead of us living our lives. Yesterday while hiking in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains I stopped to look. I stood for 20 minutes looking and listening.  I heard a voice, a sweet soft voice.  The voice was the voice of support, love and encouragement.  It spoke to me about courage and strength.  I had been anxious about life’s happenings and had begun to focus on fear. The voice soothed my frazzled nerves.  I stood there as I felt the embrace of the mountain. I allowed all to be as it needed to be in that moment. I took the time to be still.

Being still is an art form.  Allowing one’s self to simply be is a skill in which many would gain much benefit. In our stillness we are not disengaging from the world but allowing time and space to rest with us. Many fear silence and stillness of the mind as we come face to face with ourselves. The fear of meeting ourselves drive many to seek answers outside of the place where our heart soul resides.  We seek solace in food, drink, religion, shopping, psychics, the list goes on and on. We race at the speed of light somehow believing we can outrun our demons. When we become still the ugly may scare us and our shadow self may appear large but that is where we find our strength. Here is to hoping you meet your shadow.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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2 Responses to Only the shadow knows

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy with peace mind..thoughtful message mingming56..thank you..


  2. Anonymous says:

    Iris, we all can use the reminder of what lies within that nurtures and supports us at every turn
    and in the stillness and silence.
    Thanks. Peace and Love, Agu


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