ho ho oponopono

forgiveness-pictureI love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, and thank you.  These are the four tenents of Ho Oponopono a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation. I learned of Ho Oponopono some years ago. Dr Ihaleaka Hew lon a hawaiian psychiatrist developed the model while working with a ward of criminally insane patients. Although he never saw the patients, as he reviewed their file he began working on himself. Amazingly, the patients began to improve. Medications were reduced and those that had been previously in restraints were able to walk the grounds freely. He allowed himself to take full responsibility for all that was happening in his awareness. According to the practice all of our experiences come first from our minds. Nothing is outside of us. Dr. Lon came to understand as we improve ourselves, conditions in our world improve. The more Ho Oponopono is practiced the more peace one feels. However difficult, the practice would bring into our space a peaceful arena to work on our own stuff.

Although the practice may bring peace and enlightenment some forget a powerful piece of the reconciliation puzzle, the need to hear and be heard. In times of disagreement or chaos, both parties sit in the space with the mantra of Ho oponopono followed by saying what needs to be said. Both parties must allow each to have their own feelings without negating or interrupting. Only then can both be heard. A wonderful thing happens when we are heard and have matured enough to allow the same for others. Ho Oponopono can be a powerful tool for healing but cannot live in a vacuum. We are all spiritual beings on our own path. If we were not still learning we would not be on planet earth. 

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