The weed is the seed of hate

imageThat sound you hear is the gnashing of teeth and the death groans of the status quo in the good ole US of A.  We have come to the tipping point where these times they are a changing.  There is a shift in conciousness whether we believe it or not.  The recent spate of violence towards people of color could indicate otherwise.  Lashing out, anger, or violence often occur when the old way is no longer viable and begins to crumble.  For some there is a vested interest in keeping things the same.  There is no doubt in my mind the election of Barack Obama was the straw breaking the camel’s back.  For the first time in history, a black man lives in the White House.  For some this signaled the beginning of the end. Their perception of blacks gaining too much and starting to take over was becoming a reality.   When others carry out violence in the name of hate, it scares us and some may begin to believe that hate exists everywhere.  That is often the motive of those who plant seeds of hate, they want that seed to grow. Haters enjoy having others in their ranks and feel the greatest power when in control.

The recent murders of nine churchgoers in Charleston was perpetrated by hate.  The world held its colletive breath waiting for the backlash of riots or revenge killings.  Instead we were all graced by the words of forgiveness from the victims families.  They somehow managed to take hate and put their Christian beliefs to action, they forgave.  They forgave the man who sat with their loved ones for an hour while they studied the bible accepting their kindness while contemplating their murder.  Those who follow the Christian faith understand that Jesus taught love and forgiveness not bigotry and hatred. Instead of tearing a community apart, this act of hate united them in love.  

United we stand, divided we fall.  There are and will continue to be devisive maneuvers in an effort to bring disharmony.  There are those who walk among us who seek division. Hate comes in all disguises. There are those who feel the disenfranchisement of others brings to them a superior status. The harder they try, the harder they will fall. They will not win. Hate will not win.

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    Love conquers all,,Amen..



    Love conquers all!


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