our big selves

ameliaIt is time.  It is time to take the stage, to claim our space.  It is time to be big, to think big. Instead of our shoulds, it is time to start living our coulds.  So many times we shrink from ourselves, our possibilities.  We live according to someone else’s wishes.  In other words, we are living someone else’s lives.  It is easy to do, as the rules have already been written and the road has already been traveled.  Sticking to the tried and true can eliminate the “what ifs.”  From the time we are born, it benefits society if we follow that road, if we are easy to mold.  We are told either conciously or unconciously how we are to act, to dress, to perform.  We are told what we are to wear, which jobs we are  to aspire.  We are told to retire at 65 and collect our pension.  We are given labels telling us we are good, responsible citizens.  If we balk at the conventionality of it all or stray from the path, we are also given labels but this time we are called selfish, immature or rebellious.  We are called foolish or unrealistic for having the courage to follow our dreams.  Peer pressure is a mighty powerful force and one that often keeps folks walking the straight and narrow.    Many forget it is the dreamers and the risk takers that make our world exciting and new.  It is because of so many who have dared.  Where would we be without Amelia Earhart or Jonas Salk or the likes of BB King?  We are on this planet to be big.  To be the best self we can be. We are here to explore, to try and to fail.  Often we stay stuck out of fear of being ridiculed. “What if we fail,  won’t others laugh?”  Crabs in a pot will always try to pull the one trying to escape back to where they belong.  So today friends, risk to be big.  There is only one you and in all likelihood there will never be another.

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3 Responses to our big selves

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  2. Belinda says:

    I loved this post. The subject is one that I’ve been thinking about for while. Thank you for providing a piece that is so powerful and encouraging. It was a pleasure to read it this morning.

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  3. J. G. says:

    Iris, truth be said – this is what keeps us curious & alive! Thank you.
    Peace & Love,


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