A breath of good

I have decided to take a 3 week news break. That means no tv news, newspapers, internet news or conversations about news. I plan to keep a low profile. I made this decision to take back at least a piece of my mind space in an affort to stay sane, well as sane as I can hope to be. If we allow ourselves, it is easy to become beaten down by the constant drudgery of negative news. We forget there is good. Good news does not sell so it is rarely heard or seen. The public devours the bad and thank our lucky stars that it was not us. Every morning and every night we are bombarded with the details of horrendous things we do to one another. We lock our doors and hide behind walls akin to Fort Knox in an effort to keep ourselves safe. At every turn we are warned about the boogie man lurking around the corner. Women are advised not to walk alone, be in before dark as one could fall victim to crime. There is no doubt there are evil people in our midst and some of us do fall victim to crime. However, we must not forget that there is also good that lives here. There are those of us who care about our world and its inhabitants. We go the extra step in our support of one another. I once read a post from a man lashing out at positive facebook posters. He chastised them for their happy lives, vacation photos and well just their overall positivity. We are living in a world where there are those who gain happiness at anothers misery.

imageWe are the masters of our own fate. Every decision that we make determines the outcome of that fate. Of course misfortune not of our own making befalls us but we can pick up those broken pieces and glue them as well as we can. If we allow ourselves to live in a quagmire of negativity and hopelessness we are doomed. I liken negative media as subliminal or maybe not so subliminal mind control. If we hear something enough, it becomes a piece of our cellular belief system. It makes us anxious, angry and aggressive. Since I am not in the mood to be any of those things, I am giving my overloaded brain a break. I will still lock my door and dial in the code on my alarm but I am going to take a breath and think about and celebrate the good at least for 3 weeks.

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1 Response to A breath of good

  1. KJ says:

    I know the feeling,,the news is never of the type the would allow you to feel good about our society of ourselves for the matter. there is never a dy that good by that we are not showered with murder, robbery, sex crimes, white collar crime, blue colar crime, etc, that really states the condition of our lives…sadly thats the way it works, and has worked for many, many years..in my time I have rarely heard any real good news, other than, 1 bit recently, where this single mother of 4 in North Caroline won $188,000,000 in the most recent Power Ball Lottery.. Now thats great news for sure…


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