The eyes see all

I woke up this morning concerned and sad.  I worry about us as a collective society.  I worry about our divisions and our animosity towards one another based on our cultural or racial differences.  I wonder will things ever change, if we can rise above our human conditioning to see the bigger picture; to really see our connection.  Can we ever hope to see the man made construct of race, class, religion as a smoke screen?

The world was surprised and hurt when Muslim extremist burst into a magazine office killing twelve and injuring more.  Freedom of speech became the buzz word.  How dare anyone attack freedom of speech, our very core?  Protestors marched by the thousands. Islam once again  attacked as being a religion of violence and hate.   In the meantime in Nigeria 2000 women, men, children were slaughtered without as much a word. There were no protest, no wreaths, no flowers and in all likelihood no surprise.  When it comes to Africa, we have become immune.  We are all too familiar with its killing and famine.  12 died in France while 2000 died in Nigeria.  What does this tell us?  What have we become?

Yes I am sad that violence has become so commonplace and that some are seen as more important than others.  Their deaths matter too.  Yes it is Africa and perhaps many turn a blind eye for their own reasons but it is as newsworthy and important as those dying in France. P1020081

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2 Responses to The eyes see all

  1. KJ says:

    The world sadly has but one focus, and that is focus is “survival of the fittest”. If Africa had white dominance and its citizens were attacked by extremist of any kind, the news would be persistent. France is Europe’s queen of the contingent as a country and of course has a Anglo history.. The continual change in Europe has evolved over the centuries, and extremist have gained a foot hold in societies all over the world..In Asia. China, Russia. South America, etc.. The sad part is we are all affected by the killing..remember,, WMD’s, 9-11, and the train boomings in Spain, will all these events represent the failures in governance and control, due to greed and suppression of the masses..
    The intent is to have a class structure in the world of the “Rich & Poor..


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