leopard doesn’t change spots

imageThe muse woke me early this morning with her admonishment to write.  No matter how hard I try I cannot understand the appeal of television reality shows.  Maybe it has something to do with our voyueristic nature of wanting to peer behind the scenes. How many times have we heard folks say “Oh how I wish I were a bug on the wall” in an effort to listen and not be seen?  This mornings news reports a slated reality show My husband is not gay.  The theme here tells of a man who has been attracted to the same sex since the age of 12.  However, he has always wanted a family like the one he grew up in. Yikes, my stomach is already churning at that much dysfunction so early in the morning.  In the photo, he stands with his wife kissing in front of a suburban mcmansion. Now I have always been one to support and promote folks in whatever makes them happy but there are a few things in my very humble opinion that can be identified as accidents and disasters just waiting to happen and this qualifies.  Naturally and rightfully so, gay advocate groups are up in arms about this media propaganda.  This is an admittedly gay man going through the ruse of marriage to a woman with a desire to have a traditional marriage with children.  It is akin to some professionals running loose claiming they have a cure for homosexuality.  Who says homosexuality needs to be cured?  Truth in who we are is a powerful place to be.  When we live our lives as our authentic selves there is a freedom.

Once again, society uses media to give us its message.  It has this poor man basically saying “I may be attracted to men, but that won’t be an issue.”  On the other side of the coin, what woman is going to marry a man who states truthfully that he is attracted to men but can make it work with her. Are we as women that desperate for a man?  The couple in the upcoming reality show cite their faith as Church of Jesus Christ-Latter Day Saints as reason to be husband and wife.  I do not profess to be a religious expert but if they feel the church can take away his attraction to men they make have unrealistic expectations.

A question that should be raised is why anyone would think of a show questioning what is wrong or right in marriage or who we should take as partners?  Why could this not be a reality show of 2 men who love each other raising a family together?  Why do we have to be so concerned with gender, skin color, age, etc when we choose a marriage partner?  When media sends out its subliminal messaging whether through reality tv, commercials, or any public advertising it can set up a dangerous situation.  Many of us are bombarded by these messages and there are many of us that are not exactly sane.

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4 Responses to leopard doesn’t change spots

  1. Agu says:

    Kudos! Iris. This is the massage that must come from us all for the sake of a Healthy Society – to raise our children up in – what do they have in mind for their children? Agu


  2. Agu says:

    Correction – This is the message____________


  3. Anonymous says:

    There are all kinds off different reasons to get married . Some people don’t mined to live double lives and have double standards as long as they needs are fulfilled or maybe a rejection by the family and religion as strong as LDS is too much to bear .


    • mingming56 says:

      If their needs are being met I would hope the needs of any children would also be met. Everyone deserves happiness and if one is truly happy living a double life then so be it. the theme is being true to your inner self no matter what that might bring.


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