confessions of an insomniac

large__6504621301I am awake.  It is 5:30 am and my companion insomnia is here by my side.  I have never really been a hard sleeper.  I used to joke about it and say I sleep so light I could hear a gnat peeing on cotton. For a while it caused me angst and many a night I would lie in bed looking at the ceiling willing sleep to come.  The sound of everybody sleeping in the house except for me became a source of annoyance especially when the sand man of sleep wouldn’t make an appearance.  I thought I had the answer when I started trying different supplements all promising me the elusive 8 hours of sleep.  With great anticipation and hope, I tried just about all.  It wasn’t that I did not sleep it was the waking up at 430 that was getting old. It never fails though when the alarm clock goes off, I want to sleep.  I finally figured out instead of fighting it why not use it to my advantage.  So, here I am at 5:30 am writing and confessing my insomnia.

I have found this time of morning is when I think best, when the rest of the town is asleep.  It is a quiet oasis of still that I have come to appreciate.  From my window I often notice other lights on at 430am and wonder if they are awake too. I wonder why they are not asleep. Insomnia is not all bad.   I like to think of it as the time the muses are talking and if I am sound asleep, I would not be able to hear them.  It is now 630am, I have submitted 1 proposal, written a grocery list, drank 2 cups of tea, and finished Christmas shopping.  Now, I am ready to go to bed.  It ain’t all bad.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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