Fate picks a winner

Licancabur_LagunaVerdeIn October of this year I am heading to South America. I have never been to that part of the world and never really had a burning desire to do so.   Whenever my spouse asked me to visit Argentina I found ways to shrug it off with an idea to go somewhere else.  I guess fate had another plan.  While surfing the internet, I happened to come across the Peaks Foundation and a chance to climb 3 peaks in 3 weeks.  Initially I thought who the hell would want to do that and why.  Well the answer proved to be me so i applied.  I had climbed Kilamanjaro and done a few other things so I thought maybe I had a shot of making the team.  Since the Peaks foundation only chose 13 women from around the world, I figured it might be a long shot but what the hell.  Months passed and I had somewhat forgotten but  held onto the possibility.  My mind loved the idea and the excitement of meeting these other women, exploring a new part of the world and at the same time helping women and girls.   Peaks had appealed to my love of adventure and my humanitarian interest; a win win for all.   8 months after I had applied, I learned that I had been chosen for the team.   So now, let the journey begin.

About mingming56

sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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